Antec skeleton Water cooling

I really like the antec skeleton case, and i would like to water cool it. What i would like to do is install a radiator where the 250mm fan sits, either on top of the case, or inside if it will fit.

The case:

I've been trying to find out the typical hole spacing for 250mm fans, but no luck yet. (I'm assuming that the hole spacing for the fan on the antec skeleton case is standard to all 250mm fans, but please correct me if i'm wrong.)

The radiator i was thinking of installing:

It comes with some adaptor plates. I could probably drill my own holes in them to make the radiator fit.

Looking for suggestions for other radiators.

The 250mm fan is supposed to push air into the case. If i left it in this configuration, all the heat dissipated from the radiator will be pushed back into the case, onto the components. Do you think this would be a big issue? It is an open air case after all. Do you think i should flip the fan around? My concern with flipping the fan around would be dust build up.
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