Need help choosing stuff for system

I make computers for people and i am wondering if i can come to you guys for help.
For a sub £300 pc (uk builder) I have two options (cant be changed). Which is better?

Athlon X2 245
2gb 800mhz DDR2
Mcp61p mobo
320gb hdd
Nvidia 9600gt 512mb
400w OCZ stealthxstream
22x DVD+/_RW drive
Intel pentium Dualcore E5400
2gb DDr2 800mhz
G31 mobo
320gb hdd
Ati HD5570 512mb
400w OCZ stealthxstream
22x DVD+/_RW Drive

1 or 2, which is better?
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  1. I'm assuming you need the computer for more than basic computing.

    I wouldn't bother with either to be honest. Both are based on older tech (DDR2). The first uses a card that is better for gaming, but will quickly be unusable. The second uses a more future proof card, but is bad for gaming. Both use slower, older HDDs, which will make the system feel really slow. The PSU in both is not great quality, and will not have enough power for expansion.

    I wouldn't buy either of them. Instead, start saving for a better build.
  2. For just a wee bit more from Ebuyer you could nab a nice Triple core/DDR3/HD 5750 /80+ certified 500watter/very fast 500GB HDD combo hehe
  3. To save a little bit, you could switch the 5750 for a 4850, assuming you don't need some of the extra features. They have the same gaming performance.
  4. Yep though of that card but at about 80 pounds and a whole lotta power consumption i went with the 5750 ^^
  5. Fair enough. Just thought I'd point it out...
  6. thanks for all the help!
  7. You are welcomed and happy building/shopping ^^
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