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I just want to buy a cheap GTX 660 and overclock it so it performs better, i'm not too worried about it shortening the lifespan as I would like to replace it in about a year when i have more money at my disposal, To OC this card will i have to buy a gpu cooler? or will stock do?.

is there also a way to OC The card permanently so I don't have to do it every time I log on?.

Also does anyone have any suggestions which GTX 660 To buy?

Thanks a lot in advance

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  1. if you get a card with a good cooler on it like the asus or gigabyte, you wont need to buy a cooler. Depending on the card you get it might not overclock well unless ou unlock the bios like this
    MSI afterburner you can set a profile that will apply overclocking every time windows starts, so you dont have to change clocks each boot up.
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