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I'm upgrading to a Phenom II X4 955 with 4 gigs DDR3. I have a 450W PSU that I've used for the last 3 years without any issues that I'm thinking of re-using. I have one SATA HD, 1 DVD reader/burner, and a 8800GS card. I plan on upgrading the graphics card in the next 6 months, but in the meantime, would a 450W PSU do the job for my set up? When I upgrade the graphics card I definitely plan on upgrading the PSU for more longevity as well as power to accomodate a more powerful graphics card, but I don't know the power reqs of a quad-core too well so I'm not sure what size PSU I need. Any advice would be appreciated... (and I know that the quality of the PSU matters alongside its wattage amount, I'm looking for advice in regards to wattage/size rather than quality/brand of the PSU). Thanks!
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  1. A 450W PSU would be fine. Newer tech is generally more power efficient, so you don't need that large of a PSU.
  2. If the PSU worked in your old system, it will work in your new system with your upgrades to the quad-core & more ram, which won't put a large increase in power requirement.

    I recommend reviewing this thread... Ranked PSU List, when the time comes to purchasing a new PSU. Your amps on the 12V rail plays a bigger role in the PSU than does the overall wattage.
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