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Hello guys! Want to ask something. I have i5-3470 cpu and increased the multiplier to 36x (add 4 from the stock 32x) with non-k overclock feature. My cpu temps increase and reach 61C with prime95. With normal multiplier, my cpu temps reached 53C. I think CPU temp above 60C is kinda hot, so i need to cool it down a little bit with cpu fan setting. The bios provide 2 setting for cpu fan, full speed or manual setting. And the manual setting made me confuse. The manual setting have 2 options, first is the cpu temp, second is the level of fan. I'm a little confuse here to set the manual fan speed setting. So, how the manual fan setting here work? And how to choose the best setting to get good temp without too much noise?

by the way i'm using Asrock z77 pro3 motherboard and CM Hyper TX3 for cooler. Thanks before for anyone that want to help me :D
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  1. please help me here :(
  2. In BIOS I personally Disable my CPU fan control = in effect, my CPU fan runs full speed ALL the time.

    Make sure you don't somehow disable your CPU fan - if that is possible, just saying.

    Now back to your overclock:

    Are you adjusting your BCLK ? Your chip doesn't have an unlocked multiplier, so adjusting you BCLK you are increasing the speed for OTHER DEVICES including graphics card and hard drive, etc.

    60C on the processor doesn't scare me that much - I would be more concerned about overclocking the other parts of your system.

    A non "K" intel chip (like yours) is not made to overclock. Overclocking a system that is not made for overclocking may not be worth the risk.

    I would personally not overclock my entire system to raise the speed of my CPU a little bit.

    You decide.
  3. I didn't raise the BCLK.

    according to that picture, non-k processor can be OC a little bit, with a feature non-k overclock in motherboard the cpu will raise the multiplier by 4. So, since the feature itself from Intel, i think that will not harm my cpu right?

    Back to my question. I think when the fan run in fullspeed the noise from fan are very annoying. But i couldn't set my fan to run in certain speed because this confusing setting.. I'm curious how to set fan speed in this asrock bios.. :|
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    Ah sorry completely misunderstood.

    And yes, as long as you aren't raising the BCLK you should be fine. Can't help much on the ASRock Bios bit - I've never owned one.

    You could always spend a few dollars on quieter fans /shrug :)
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