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Start-Up Protocol

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November 1, 2010 7:19:08 PM

Hi Everybody! Thank you in advance for taking your time to read this post.

I am about to power up a new scratch build and have a few questions before doing so. I have the GigaByte GA-880GA-UD3H Motherboard with a Phenom II 945 processor and a VelociRaptor 300MB HDD. There are two Caviar Blue 640's waiting in the wings along with two optical drives. Everything is SATA driven. I will be following the 'GigaByte Guide' Sticky Thread first.

I wish to perform an Acronis clone from an IDE C: drive from my older existing system to the 'Raptor.' I'm OK with that.
I will be loading Windows XP/SP3 Home Edition from the IDE drive. I have to stay with this Edition as I can no longer obtain Driver upgrades from now defunct product manufacturers for some of my outboard gear.

As I understand this process, I must install Windows AND SATA Drivers into the 'Raptor' prior to cloning.

GigaByte provides two sets of SATA Drivers on the Utility Disk. GigaByte SATA x86 and AHCI/RAID driver for XP. (I am not utilizing a RAID configuration.) I might like AHCI if only for later. I don't know enough about it.

The IDE source disk will only be used for the source clone. After-- the 'Raptor' will become the SATA C: Drive.

Before I can do any of this, I need to learn about the protocol for the execution.

Initially, do I boot into BIOS with the IDE Drive only connected - without the SATA Raptor...

Or boot into BIOS with the SATA Raptor (to be recognized) without the IDE connected...

OR both connected?

In order for me to clone, both drives must be available in the system. The IDE drive has Acronis on it, so it must be the initial boot drive in order to access the clone operation.

When I get to the point where I have to install Windows XP Home AND Drivers to the 'Raptor', which set of drivers should I load...
GigaByte x86 or AHCI/RAID... Or both? The manual is fuzzy about that.

It is confusing because this initial load of Windows XP Home to the 'Raptor' is BASIC! Not even SP1. USB will be compromized, at least in the beginning. Not that I need it right off.

All of the NEW components are SATA driven. Should I leave at least one CD/ROM connected for the BIOS to identify?

Thanks again for reading. All reply's are greatly appreciated!


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a c 717 V Motherboard
November 1, 2010 8:36:07 PM

Welcome to Tom's Forum! :) 

GA-880GA-UD3H (2.1) -

I am really foggy about Clone + Installing Windows; do one OR the other. Fresh install - I 'assume' you have a FDD or USB install or nLiteOS.
nLite -
Microsoft XP SP3 {Official ISO} -

One way or the other it seems that you're stock with "Floppy" Pre-Installed drivers:
A. GIGABYTE SATA2 Preinstall driver (For AHCI / RAID Mode)Note: Press F6 during Windows setup to read from floppy.
B. AMD SATA RAID Driver (Preinstall driver, press F6 during Windows* setup to read from floppy)

Typically, I strongly recommend that you only Load Optimized in the BIOS prior to the install vs AHCI/RAID as you mentioned {IDE}. Often not always, the IDE <-> SATA can cause installation issues. So if it were 'me' - clean install the XP SP3 and transfer 'data' after the fact.

In addition, if your 'old' MOBO doesn't offer 'drivers' -> simple then go to the OEM site; e.g. , , , etc...

Good Luck!
November 1, 2010 10:28:27 PM

Hi Jaquith! Thanks for the welcome.

Yes, I do have an FDD and have copied both Driver sets to seperate Floppy. The trouble is, I don't know which driver to load...or both!

In order for me to clone from IDE to SATA, the SATA drive needs to have Windows XP installed along with the SATA drivers, as SATA is not native to XP. Once the clone has completed, XP will have overwritten itself on the SATA drive and all data dll reference pointers will remain intact. Ha! Listen to me...and I'm the one asking the questions! :) 

The trouble is, I don't know which set of drivers to install. You mention AHCI/RAID so would that be letter A - GIGABYTE SATA2 or B - AMD SATA RAID? Or both?

I can't do a clean install of XP SP3 and then add the data without losing all my dll reference pointers.

Thanks for the Good Luck wishes! Seems I'll need it! :) 

a c 717 V Motherboard
November 1, 2010 10:56:05 PM

Use GSATA2_6 Top / Closest to MOBO. Loading both drivers should make any difference the installer loads tons.

This is the 'oddest' 'cloning' solution that I ever heard of; I use Ghost and slap a disk in and poof - carbon copy.

I build, I know about SATA + XP + IDE. The 'letter' of the HDDs is determined from the OS not the BIOS; to 'it' it is another drive.

{dll reference pointers} if your clone copy of XP SP3 is 'old' then why are you concerned?
November 1, 2010 11:38:40 PM

I've been led to understand that an Acronis True Image clone of an IDE drive would not boot in SATA configuration unless a fresh install of the users Windows was loaded with the SATA drivers into the SATA drive prior to cloning. Of course the CMOS would need to be properly set. My bad.

{dll reference pointers} if your clone copy of XP SP3 is 'old' then why are you concerned?

I use the computer in an audio recording environment. The programs run off the C: drive. The Wave Data is saved onto other HDD's. The drive letters and reference pointers are important to duplicate in this hardware upgrade scheme.

Upon reading my last post, that bit about: Ha! Listen to me...and I'm the one asking the questions! didn't come out the way I intended. I clearly don't know it all which is why I'm here. I sincerely appreciate your expertise.

You are recommending GSATA2_6 Top for my SATA C: drive? I am only asking for confirmation as other advice says to use up SATA3 first and use GSATA2 for CD/ROM.

Thanks for your response Jaquith.
a c 717 V Motherboard
November 2, 2010 11:43:19 AM

Under 'normal' circumstances I would never re-image/clone a old HDD, but I get the Pros vs Cons in 'your' case. You do know the all of your H/W sensing Apps will detect a 'new' environment and require re-registration(s).

SATA2 HDD running on SATA2 {A/see above}vs SATA3 {B/see above} Interfaces; I recommend keeping the same interface. The SATA3 Interface + SATA2 Interface has shown to be slower; also your HDD is ~ 1/2 the SATA2 limit of 300 MB/s per device in speed. Further, SATA3 and it's drivers are still maturing {more errors}.

Ref VelociRaptor 300MB {SATA 3 Gb/s = SATA2 Interface}

"IF" your old-IDE HDD already has ALL the drivers {if not then install them from Windows} THEN once cloned to the new-SATA2 HDD AND when booted the drivers will be available.

Acronis True Image allows you to format during the clone process, so just make certain the new-SATA2 HDD is formatted. I ASS-U-ME that Acronis True Image has a 'bootable' option that circumvents the need for an 'OS' all together and the old-IDE = CLONE => new-SATA2 HDD. This process 'should' eliminate the need to install Windows {the cloning process would overwrite the new-SATA2 HDD Data + Apps + etc}.

I hope that clears things up. Also, IF the new-SATA2 HDD doesn't boot then try again it won't hurt a thing, just format.
November 2, 2010 1:41:31 PM

Yes I know about the re-registrations, thanks. I also appreciate your explanation regarding SATA3 vs SATA2. I completely missed that fact, figuring SATA6 would be fully backward compatible and therefore, have no issues.

I have created a Bootable Media Disk with the full version of Acronis True Image on it. Also have installed SATA drivers to the old HDD.

So, I'll give it a whirl and post my results. I can always do a fresh install if necessary but this cloning business would make things so much easier...I think. Thanks again for the lesson Jaquith.
a c 717 V Motherboard
November 2, 2010 5:50:19 PM

Hope all goes well - remember my first post "Often not always, the IDE <-> SATA can cause installation issues."

Good Luck!
November 5, 2010 12:57:53 AM

Hi Jaquith,

Well, the C: Clone went off without a hitch! And so did the F: Clone and the G: Clone!!! The system recognized all three drives.

The trouble began when attempting to load Wave Data into the Program File on C:. The program could not find the data. I could 'Import' the data files individually but, that is a HUGE undertaking which requires a whole lot of time. All outboard processing parameters would need to be reloaded...etc.

So, After two days of dinking around with this, I kept hearing this voice in my head saying, "Under 'normal' circumstances I would never re-image/clone a old HDD..." :) 

I have decided to leave everything intact in my old system and work those projects from there! My new build will be just that, NEW. All new projects will be run from the NEW system! Simple huh? I reformatted and reloaded a fresh copy of Windows, collected and installed all my updates with Lightning Speed, and...everything is wonderful.

The only little problem is that my C: Drive is listed as a Removable Drive on the Task Bar Icon. Why is that and how can I change that to a Fixed Disk?

Thanks for the help Jaquith! I really have had a great time with this build - learned alot too.

So, the best solution was in your 3rd Post. Forget the cloning, at least in my case. It was good advice! :) 
a c 236 V Motherboard
November 5, 2010 1:07:33 AM

If it is showing as a removable drive, your SATA controller is set to AHCI, which gives the ability to hot swap. There is no way to remove that outside of changing the controller to IDE (will need to post how, since takes a register edit, if needed). I would keep it as AHCI and just "hide" that icon on the toolbar. You need AHCI if you ever plan to run a SSD.
November 5, 2010 2:27:09 AM

Hey tecmo34, welcome to my world! :) 

Fooling around as I do, I'll probably run an SSD sometime in the not too distant future. But, if I simply hide the Icon, will I still receive notifications to safely disconnect USB devices as needed? BTW, my controller is set to IDE - although I did set it once to AHCI, then reversed it. Hmm, my bad. It remembered...


a c 236 V Motherboard
November 5, 2010 5:37:53 AM

Sager said:
But, if I simply hide the Icon, will I still receive notifications to safely disconnect USB devices as needed?
Yes, you will still receive the notifications. The icon just won't always be showing on the Windows toolbar at the bottom.
a c 717 V Motherboard
November 5, 2010 12:07:53 PM

Well I wasn't trying to jinx you, and I truly wish it 'would' work. As far as the drive(s) being set to removable...duh I would assume that you had the old IDE drive(s) plugged-in when you booted, and a incorrect driver is installed. Try to D/L and update the driver(s).

GA-880GA-UD3H (rev. 2.x) -

Also, if the Drive Letters themselves are 'corrupted' then the only 'easy' way to 'attempt' the change is to remove the drives, except C, and boot + install (1) drive ... repeating ... until the letters are in sequential order.

Also, "IF" you reinstall then first remove ALL drives except the DVD + SATA {C}; do NOT have any drive with an OS attached to the MOBO.

To 'FIX' this corruption, if that is the case, would require more effort than starting from scratch.

The 'Good News' is that ALL of you data is intact and not lost.

----- REINSTALL XP --------

However, "IF" you decide to start from scratch you will either require a FDD or will need to use nLiteOS, it creates an installer {scripting} that allows Drivers & etc to run during the installation process. Also, you can make a USB installer. Note: some IDE DVD 'can also cause problems.'
nLite -
Windows XP SP3 Official {ISO} -

The reason is the SATA F6 drivers {preinstall}:

Don't you just love my XP caveats.

Q - What Ports are you using for the HDDs?
November 6, 2010 11:58:31 PM

Not a jinx Jaquith! I'm OK with the drive set to removable. Nobody else messes with my messes! :) 

The C: Drive is correct, obviously; and I want the CD-ROM as a D: Drive and thats OK.

BUT - The DVD-ROM is showing itself as D: DVD-RAM Drive! And when I attempt to install a second DVD-ROM drive (as an E: Drive) neither DVD Drive shows up. Troubleshooting says there are two Identical drives on the system.

What's up with that?

Don't know how to tell what 'port' my C: is on.

Best solution

a c 717 V Motherboard
November 7, 2010 12:52:59 AM

If the DVD is an IDE then a jumper is required {Master / Slave}.

Q - I assume that the ODD are recognized in the BIOS?

First, check the Device Manager and see if there are {?} or {!} it too would indicated an improperly installed driver. If they're both SATA then you can put one on the SATA2 and the other on the SATA3.
November 7, 2010 1:18:24 AM

One on SATA2 and one on SATA3 has done the trick! Thank you.

I've got some brushing up to do on all this SATA business.

I sincerely appreciate the time you have devoted to my troubles, Jaquith. This site is an extremely valuable resource for people like me who can't figure out the right solutions to otherwise mundane tasks you Gurus already know. You provide a fabulous service to so many and I thank you.

It's nice to know there's a place to go for the right answers! With that said, I will close this thread. Sager
a c 717 V Motherboard
November 7, 2010 9:37:23 AM

Thank you as well, and I've enjoyed it as well.

I plan to do 'more' research with solving the DVD SATA issue and will post back.

I assume the DVDs are indeed "two Identical drives" ; same MODEL #. From years gone by when I installed (2) identical IDE - there was NO fix - the slave/master jumper didn't work. My assumption is your case is the BIOS addressing {IRQ}, but I myself am not clear 'how' fix other than the reason for the SATA3/SATA2 "work-around". I hate to see a good SATA3 go to waste.
November 14, 2010 1:07:34 AM

Best answer selected by Sager.
a c 136 V Motherboard
November 14, 2010 12:37:02 PM

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