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Motherboard for a new build

Hey all im new here, im planing on buying a new gaming computer budget about $650 i pretty much chose all of the parts but i have a really big problem when it comes to the motherboard i can quite decide on which one to go with, so if you guys could suggest anything that would be greatly appreciated.
Most likely im gonna be running:
-Phenom II x4 3.4Ghz
-either GTX460 or ATI 6850 (havent decided yet)
- 4GB of memory (1600) speed due to the combo deal that i found

As i said i need an AMD AM3 motherboard for around 100 dollars preferably not more than $100, that will perform (pretty much a gaming motherboard) thanks again
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    Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    Well the Biggie you need to decide on is the ATI or nVidia - especially IF you ever want to CF {CrossFire/ATI} or SLI {Scalable Link Interface/nVidia}. AMD won't run both, but will run either in a single GPU configuration.

    That said, I would look at the following:
    SLI + AMD - M4N98TD EVO $140 -
    CF + AMD - ASUS M4A79XTD EVO $94 -
    CF + AMD - ASUS M4A79T Deluxe $120 -

    Side-by-Side -|13-131-636^13-131-636-TS,13-131-402^13-131-402-TS,13-131-363^13-131-363-TS

    I do not particularly like 'Hybrid' MOBOs {on-board GPUs} especially if getting a dedicated GPU.

    Hope this helps!
  2. Thanks for the welcome! im almost positive at this point that im gonna go with the 6800 it just seems more efficient and more powerful than GTX460 even tho im a bigger nvidia fan, i really like the $94 version of the ASUS that you posted looks like a really solid mobo for the price and def the best one i found, so thanks for help i think this will be my #1 right, but what im really trying to do is wait for Black Friday and see if newegg is gonna have any good deals but i wanna have a good picture in mind of what i want, thanks again
  3. BTW - I noticed your other post -

    This time Please buy a Corsair PSU - it's worth every dime! Japanese capacitors + Single Rail {both are ideal}; in addition there's under/over protection, etc and they're efficient.

    1 GPU - TX650W -
    2 GPU - TX750W -
  4. You can consider this for your motherboard -

    Its 10$ over your 100$ limit but its a good mobo and IMO worth its price..
  5. ASRock is fine, it's a budget ASUS {same company}.
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