Intermittent Hard Drive 'Disappearance'

Hello all,

I've been having an intermittent issue with any secondary SATA drive I plug in with 2 different motherboards. Sometimes, I will be able to see and use my hard drive and sometimes I will not be able to. This issue ONLY happens with my secondary SATA hard drive. My Primary OS drive and my DVD-ROM drive both show up every time on boot.

So far, I have upgraded my power supply to a 1250W, which is definitely sufficient for my setup. I have tried 2 different drives on my initial P8P67 Deluxe board and gotten the same problem with any SATA port I plug it into. I tried a BIOS update and still got the same issue. I figured it was perhaps an issue with being run at 6Gbps, but 4 of my ports are 3Gbps and it still had the issue when plugged into those. I also updated the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver with the same results. This led me to believe it has defective SATA ports.

I am currently using a P8H61-M LE/CSM with the same setup and getting the same problem I got with the other board. I haven't tried my other hard drive, but I'm confident I will see the same thing again.

I have not tried a clean install of Windows yet and have not been able to recreate this issue without my 300GB Velociraptor plugged in. At this point, I am wondering if anyone can give me any other suggestions before I go ahead and wipe my drive.

Here's my setup:

OCZ X-1250
ASUS P8P67 Deluxe (ASUS P8H61-M LE/CSM was also available for testing purposes)
Intel Core i5-2500K
Kingston HyperX DDR3-1600MHz
Western Digital Velociraptor WD3000GLFS
Seagate Barracuda 1TB (Also tested with Western Digital WD2500JS)
LG DVD Burner
Sapphire Radeon HD 4890
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  1. Does it show up in BIOS or disk management when it does not show up in my computer?
  2. No, it does not.

    I'm thinking it may be an issue with my main hard drive, but I've never heard of a defective hard drive that worked perfectly before causing other drives to not show up.

    I will be installing windows on my secondary drive and using it as my primary this weekend. The WD actually has 1 or 2 bad sectors and emits a high-pitched whistle when it is on, so I will be RMAing it.
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    If it does not show up in BIOS then it sounds like the drive is failing or the cable.
  4. i have the same issue, its happening to drives 2-3 in my computer. I put the drives in another computer and they do not disappear any ideas?
  5. I've grabbed another drive from work to test out since I've discovered the 250G I have sitting around is not running as quick as it should. I haven't had any issues so far, but I grabbed it just last night.

    Looks like SMART checks aren't always reliable gauges of whether a hard drive is defective or not.
  6. Maybe the cables, maybe the power adaptor at the HDD part is broken ? I had the same issue just recently, a piece of plastic near the power plug at the HDD came off and the system couldn't find the drive sometimes.
  7. I have determined that it was, in fact, 2 bad hard drives. Good thing I have easy access to test drives at work.

    Thanks for your help everyone!
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