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Powering Problem (motherboard?)

SO heres the problem: my computer wont power up, the light flicks every few hits of the power button and nothing, but than when i unplug the ethernet chord and few other usb chords from the back of the motherboard it power us after few hits, ( sometimes i have to unplug everything from the motherboard) this started happening a while ago, i also replaced the power supply about a year ago it is a 550W power supply? what do you guys think? what could the problem be? Thanks for any ideas or help
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  1. Welcome back! :)

    Another NEW PSU is probably on the horizon. This time a Good One. Also, an UPS or good quality surge protector would be a good idea.

    What CPU and GPU and how many HDDS? Also, do you OC the CPU or GPU? **

    Also, what PSU are you running now?

    ** Recommended PSU Corsair -
  2. The box says sustain velocty Extreme Cool Silent Design, im pretty sure its a dynapowerusa its a 500W im running 7600GS with two HDD 250GB and 500GB a new CD drive all of them are powered by sata, i also ran out of original plugs so i had to buy a regular 4 pin to sata connector and i also have a GPU fan card which takes up one 4pin connector, nothing is overclocked.

    i also tried to unplug the GPU fan card and one of the harddrives and still nothing happend than i did the regular routine and it powered up
  3. so you think its the PSU? not motherboard
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    Based upon whatever "regular routine and it powered up" means it would seem to be the PSU. When a PSU is in its' early stages of a 'slow death' then sometimes it will run, run oddly, suddenly shutdown, and in general the PC seems to 'make NO sense' all of which point to a failing PSU.

    As I recall, you are building a "new" rig ---> so try the NEW PSU; if the problem is fixed then you know 100%.
  5. ^ +1

    sounds like a psu to me too. Do what jaquith said x)
  6. K thanks for help and by regular routine i meant unplugging all of the cables from the motherboard
  7. ^ Then you 'might' have a shorted e.g. USB cable. -- Have any animals in the house {Cats, Dogs, Birds, etc} -- they love to gnaw {bite} on the cables...
  8. No i dont have any animals, and even when i unplugged the unimportant stuff like extra hard drive and some fans the computer still wouldnt start
  9. Then the PSU...and we go back to..."new" rig ---> so try the NEW PSU ;)
  10. Ok thats what i shall do, but yeah i need this computer running properly before i get a new rig since this is going to my dad and hes pitching in on the new one ;)
  11. Yeah Buddy! If needed -> then go to e.g. Best Buy {or similar electronics store with a good return policy} and pick-up a Corsair ; "IF" the new PSU does NOT fix the problem you CAN return the PSU.
  12. ^ +1 definitely a good way to test something xDDD hey you gotta do what you gotta do :lol:
  13. Yeahhh good idea man didnt think about it, i was gonna buy a cheap one off of newegg and see if it works
  14. Poor olde Dad :D
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