Weird Heat Issue with Intel 3770k @4.3GHz

First my specs

Asus P8 Z77-V Pro (ThunderBolt)
Intel 3770k @4.3GHz via Turbo Ratio and not Base Ratio and Offset .055v
Cosair Vengeance Red 2133MHz 4X4GB 1.5v Running @ 1600Mhz 9-9-9-9-24 Mode 2 (The XMP profile doesn't work and I didn't feel like messing around with it for the 1% performance boost so just set it to Ivy Bridges Point of Diminishing Returns with Ram Speed)
EVGA GTX 680 4GB SLI (Base Model) X2
Cosair 1200AX Gold PSU
Cool Master X6 Elite CPU Fan
Cool Master HAF X Case, with Front Fan, two top fans, a back fan, and an internal fan on the GPUs. All Cool Master Brand Fans. (There was a sale lol)

Room Temp is about 77F-80F or 25c-27c (Its in my Office Upstairs where all the heat rises too. So in the winter and summer its burning up...)

I got kind of a weird temp issue going on. The CPU Idles high at about 40~45c, but under full Blend Load in Prime95 its only at 65~72c (Verified that there all running and at 4.3GHz). Is that normal? Because from what I have read the first is high and the second is a little low (especially considering the idle temp)... I have heard normal idle depending on room temperature is 25~35c and that over-clocked to this level temps should be about 70~80c.

I would say that I need to reapply the thermal past but if its running under load fine is there something else that could be going on? Could something be off with my Motherboard's Sensors or is this just the effect of the room temp? Or am I just being paraniod and should shut up and enjoy it? :lol:
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  1. I would say leave well enough alone. The load temps arn't bad at all, even if the idle is a little warm I wouldn't worry about it at all. It sure isn't screaming fix me fix me that's for sure lol.
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    What are you using to check your temps ?

    Also, you are running Prime blend.. Prime FFT tests will make temps hotter on the CPU. I bet if you run large FFT you will get the 75-80C you are looking for... Lol :)
  3. Thank you! That did it, and gave me a BSOD lol. I had a feeling my volts where too low. Now off to go and tweak! Thanks again! Learn something new everyday! :lol:

    Edit: Upped Volt Offset just a little and put it to 4.4Ghz for giggles now that I know there isn't a heat problem and everything is looking great now Prime FFT at 10 minute mark with no issues and I bet it will run the hour with out a problem. Running 70-75c also. So I guess the high idle is just because of Room Temps.

    Edit2:I was using the temp monitor provided by ASUS, but I went out and downloaded RealTemp.

    I now realize I was looking at the MotherBoard Reading of the Outside of the CPU and not the Core Temp.

    Now I understand why people get confused with Temperature readings.

    First I freaked out when I booted up RealTemp after running Prime95 and it said 70c idle. But really that isn't 70c idle the core is still cooling down.

    So I ran using real temp and I am getting about 80-90c which is about correct along the lines of what I thought.

    Edit3: Realized that was to high and then saw fans weren't pulling and pushing, fixed the directions and temps went down by 10c. Temps now 75c-80c at 4.3GHz at 1.185v though that might be a little low...
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