i had mobo probs b4 [burnt capacitor] had a new mobo installed [the same dell kind], when i boot up bsod comes up with bad pool header, i tried to do a fresh install and keep getting different kinds of bsod but when i try to read to see whats up it reboots the system and i dont get to read it, i've been trying to get this prob fixed for weeks now please help me b4 i go nuts, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks kumar
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    This can happen from several sources, and since you did NOT reinstall Windows we need to start simple and progressively more intense.

    1. Shut the PC down and disconnect EVERY nonessential item {e.g. USB devices, extra HDD, if your MOBO has an on-board GPU AND you have a dedicated GPU then disconnect it, Wi-Fi card, etc}
    2. Clear CMOS {see manual or unplug + remove CMOS battery for ~ 15 minutes}
    3. Start Windows and run MSCONFIG and select Diagnostic - the restart.
    4. Open your Device Manager are the ANY "?' or "!" with any devices? {see image}

    5. D/L and run CCLEANER click on the Registry tab -
    6. D/L and run Malwarebytes {full scan} -

    Q - What are you doing or running when get your BSOD and "BAD_POOL_HEADER"?
    Q - What MOBO? Part-Number and/or link *
    Q - What RAM? Part-Number and/or link *
    Q - What GPU {Video Card}? Part-Number and/or link *
    Q - What OS + SP {service pack e.g. XP SP3}

    * IF this is an OEM PC {Dell, HP, etc} then what is the EXACT model?

    Bad Devices
  2. i did try to reinstall windows but its not going through, i'll will try ur tips on getting the problem resloved and will get back to you.....regarding your questions, bsod bad pool comes up just like that, i'm not doing anything and it just pops up and reboots the system, the mobo is a dell i dont have any #, ram is 2x512 kingston, gpu is built in [ati radeon], and the os is windows 7
  3. hey ur tips didnt wrk, same prob
  4. Okay, IF you indeed ran MSCONFIG in Diagnostic and continued to have {BAD_POOL_HEADER} my assumption would be a bad or incompatible driver. My expertise is not in determining root causes via a Memory Dump -- so I recommend that you place a post at

    You 'can' also try going through the Device Manager and one-by-one right-click Update Driver... Or go to Dell's site, input you Model Info, D/L and Install ALL Windows 7 appropriate drivers. My assumption is that Dell doesn't have any, and so you'll need to go to every OEM site and look for the appropriate drivers there.

    Also you 'may' have a H/W problem or possibly a short. Also, 1GB of RAM really is not 'really' sufficient for Windows 7; 2GB for 32-bit and 4GB for 64-bit is recommended.

    And when I said several sources, I indeed meant several sources. Including: Short, Bad PSU, Bad Components, Bad RAM, Bad USB Devices.

    Lastly, assuming 'drivers' as the root cause and if there are not any Windows 7 drivers then you might be better off down grading back to the original OEM version of Windows.
  5. i got the problem resolved, i updated the firmware on the cd drive , updated the bios and i added some thermal paste on the cpu, prob gone :), thanks 4 ur help though
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