5970 x2? for a gift

hi guys,

my brother in law and sister were asking what to get my as a grad school graduation gift..and I asked them what their price range was..they said dont worry about it..
then I found out my brother in law whos very pc savvy was thinking of getting me 2 5970's for my core i7950..

what do you think?

my current system specs are:
core i7950
6 gig ram
win 7
x-fi sound card..
2 4870x2 2 gig each..
asus p6t deluxe ver 2 board..
acer b233hu 2048x1152 monitor..23 inch
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  1. I think you would have one badass system :)
  2. u lucky ***tard o_0 lol

    even one 5970 would be quite enough, but two... wow
  3. is it worth going with 2 of them?
  4. To be honest you don't need 2 x 5970's you already have 2 x 4870x2s.

    Be like going from 300FPS to 600FPS whats the point?
  5. well not really.... maybe with a 30'' 2560x1600 monitor it might make sense... and it would need some OCing of the cpu to keep them fed.
    most of the current games a crappy console ports anyways so you'll end up with 300fps or something... lol
  6. would I see any performance gains in my games with my current lcd?

    so is the upgrade not worthit?
  7. any meaningfull improvement? I doubt it, should be running pretty much anything above 60fps allready so going any higher won't mean much...
  8. is my cpu not fast enough to handle 2 5970?
  9. I would ask for a car...
  10. my brother in law is a gamer as well, hes running a single 5970, but hes using s i7 920

    with my lcd would those cards work?
  11. Sure it will work... it IS a bit OVERKILL though.
    1 5970 is more then enough at the moment.
  12. which is better to get, 2 5970's or 2 5870's?
    I read that the 5970 is a 5870 just overclocked
  13. single 5970 should perform about the same as yours current setup (2 cores have better scaling than 4), and you would lower the power usage of the system by some 250W or so...

    maybe u could ask for a single 5970 and water cooling system for the cpu, i dont know if there are any blocks for the 5970 yet (or at least some parts of the system),
  14. 5970 is dual 5870 on a same card with slightly lower clocks
  15. What??? where in the world did you hear that.

    The 5870 is a SINGLE GPU card
    The 5970 is a DUAL GPU card.

    I would go with a SINGLE 5970, that thing is a beast.
  16. so best bet a single 5970? why would he recommend 2?
    so a single 5970 will perform about as good as my 2 4870x'2?
  17. It will perform much much much better.
    If you want 2 5970s, i hope you have a motherboard with enough space between te slots and a nice cooling. You dont need it, its overkill.

    In fact, it will CRUSH your 2 4870s
  18. Oh sorry i see you have 2 4870X2s sorry, yes it will perform as good :p
  19. well my system is an alienware area 51 and has liquid cooling..its a pretty big space inside the case..

    what kind of difference would I see in ym gaming?
    I play bioshock 1 and 2, borderlands, avp, crysis, fear 2,l4d2, me 1 and 2, any shooter type of game really..

    my concern is that if i go with these cards, will my lcd hold me back?

    fact is that with monitors too large, they hurt my eyes, I do, unfortunately have sensetive eyes..more so than your average person...

    I tried using a 32in lcd once and after about an hour got a HUGE headache..
  20. A 5970 can run 4 of those games at the same time or so :p.
    What do you mean with hold you back? Your LCD can run it fine. Its just a resolution thing. Although the best performance is seen with 1920 x 1200 and higher.


    Crysis Benchmark:

  21. is my res enough to use the power of both cards at a max/default res of 2048x1152?
  22. another benc with crossfired 5970
    see how poorly it scales on average, and thats on i7 @3,8GHz, some cpu bottlenecking eh?
    only at the highest resolutions will there be any decent scaling with some games
  23. i was told before that the res needs to be at a certain size to use the power behind both cards...if it isnt atleast 1920x1200 the cards horsepower would not be used
  24. I agree with Kari. 1 x 5970 it is!
  25. i see that my current 4870x2's arent really that far behind..
  26. ^^thats what we have been saying as well... :P
  27. exactly, but you'll be having DirectX 11 AND you wont waste your cash.
    If you want you can buy a 600 bucks single 5970 and send me the other 600 bucks.

    Youll see no change in performance with buying a dual 5970 and sending me the money.
  28. though those benches are a bit old by now, and the drivers (and the performance) have improved somewhat for the new 5xxx series cards
  29. Could always send me one of your 4870x2's. ^_^
  30. yes I see.. :) I just figured since it was a gift why not..
    hows the ram in the system? 6 gigs good?
  31. yep, thats plenty

    edit a good SSD drive might be nice improvement though
    other than that your system is pretty kick-ass :D
  32. on the flipside a single 5970 woud work just as well are my 2 4870x's so get one now and one later?
  33. kari, ive heard about that, what exactly is an SSD drive?
    im running sata at the moment, 7200rpm I think it is and its a tb
  34. Exactly, i basicaly play the games you play and have AWESOME performance.

    My rig:

    Intel i7 950
    6gig HYPERX Memory
    Velociraptor 15k disk
    ATI HD5780 ( Single GPU but its faster then knightrider driving trough the desert )
  35. regarding 2 monitors.. do they have to be the same res and or make and model?
    I have another lcd im not using thats 20 inch..slightly smaller.. and its an acer..
  36. ive never played with multiple monitors, due to my sensetive eyes, but i would try it again..if I could
  37. Yes get one now and one later would be very nice.
    an SSD drive is like a big USB stick. So ALOT faster. 7200 RPM is pretty basic.
  38. nemia what size lcd do you use?
  39. http://www.anandtech.com/storage/showdoc.aspx?i=3747&p=9 and onwards

    SSD is a solid state drive, a bit like usb thumb drive on steroids. a lot faster than anything with spinning platters. Size is a bit of an issue (and cost/GB), but does wonders as boot drive (has space for some games as well)
  40. how much would a tb of ssd run me?
  41. 160GB is around 500$
    and there aren't any TB SSDs yet

    edit So you wouldn't keep your music/movie collection on it
  42. kari what do you think of this lcd?

    also, can I use two different size lcd 23 vs 20 together? both being acer?
  43. what would a single 4870x2 be worth? according to pricewatch it still lists for like 400
  44. $260.
  45. pnico said:
    kari what do you think of this lcd?

    also, can I use two different size lcd 23 vs 20 together? both being acer?


    and it depends on what exactly are you going to do with those monitors. normal 'extended desktop' mode will work just fine with different res/size, clone mode needs to use the same res, etc... If you were thinking about the Eyefinity thingie those 5xxx series cards can do and actually play games on 2 or 3 monitors, then i believe they have to have the same resolution and preferably size as well for it to work right and look nice.
  46. I have a 26 " LCD btw . Its pretty big in my opinion for gaming.
  47. That would seriously SWEET!!!!!
  48. i think I speak for the rest of us here that we wish your brother-in-law and sister were our siblings too! hahahah.

    Honestly? I think you should just get something totally non-computer related. For the price of 2 5890s, I really think you should take a holiday or something. After all your graduating! Grad trip! The graphics cards will be obsolete in a number of years but the memories of a grad trip will stick with you in life. Later on you can tell your friends/kids that hey when I graduated I went to this place, got totally wasted and woke up in a bed filled with naked chicks or smth! hahahah
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