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Okay so here is the situation, I need to buy a decent card for CS4. I have a 7900gt in there now. It wont be used for any gaming just for processing in Adobe. So I am thinking about using Nvidia because of cuda, even though I have switched to ATI in my gaming rig. With all the rebadging, I dont know if I should get an 8800, 9800, or 240. Like I said it wont see a day of gaming just need it for encoding video, and processing pictures. What would you guys recommend? I will be buying it second hand. ( I just cant support Nvidia as a company right now, because of the Physics thing with my ati card, and the constant rebadging, and tricking customers into buying the same card.)
Thanks in advance
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  1. The HDseries is better for encoding I think. You might want a workstation card.
  2. I thought that cuda was the only supported method for adobe, I know that the ATI cards will help with some of the tasks such as zoom, but I didnt think that it will actually help with the actual processing through CS4. So that leaves me with Nvidia as supported. I might check out adobe's site and see if they have a list. Because if I can get the same benifits from ATI, I will buy thier card.
  3. looks like all I need is a plug in for ATI cards to work. That sounds good to me. Thanks guys.
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