Cooling question for the Asus Rampage III Extreme MOBO

Building a new gaming rig and of course i want liquid cooling, but i hit a snag........

Planning on using Swiftech cooling products:
So im looking at the Swiftech cooling products for my cooling:
Swiftech MCP655 12 VDC Pump Liquid Cooling System
Swiftech MCR420-QP Quadruple 120mm radiator
Swiftech APOGEE-XT Extreme Performance CPU Waterblock

I can't seem to find a water block thats compatible with the north and south bridges. Can anyone help me out here? need a brand thats compatible or maybe im looking over one that is........ help would be appriciated!!
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    :lol: northbridge? linky hurr~
  2. Best answer selected by JoshRS85.
  3. hahaha hey hey i showed you that this morning Gekko Shadow!!!! sweet ass looking waterblock if you ask me!!!! :D
  4. :lol: don't be jealous xDD! and it is nice - but i'm still reluctant haha xDDD
  5. hell no the Classified 3 is a better board IMO as well...just cause the rampage 3 has some nifty water block your gunna change your mind?? lmao
  6. when did i say i was changing my mind? O-o i said i was reluctant to water-cooling *sape* this guy tas loko! xD :lol:

    now no more thread jacking - issue's been solved, leave it at that :).
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