Computer turns on, no image on screen

Hello, I hope you can help.

The Problem:

My computer turns on (I can see the fans whirring and LEDs on the video card coming on) but theres no display on the monitor or POST beeps.

What I've tried already:

-Replaced the PSU
-Replaced the motherboard's battery
-Took out all the RAM to try to get a beep, didnt get a single one.
-Took out the the power cable, held in the power button for a minute to discharge, and plugged back in.
-Tried "breadboarding" - placing the motherboard on a cardboard box so that there's no chance of shorting.
-Took out all other drives / PCI cards that weren't necessary for POST
-Took out the CPU to try to get a beep out of it, again I didnt get anything.

None of these things produced a beep or any display on the monitor. I know the monitor is fine after testing it with other computers.

It looks to me like the mobo is dead, but since it started doing this completely out of the blue Im wondering if it's something else.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. We need to know the components (include the model numbers).

    Have you tried everything in the standard troubleshooting list (link in my signature)?
  2. I've just tried everything in the troubleshooting list (or I'd tried them before) and nothing's worked :(


    -Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-M56S-S3
    -CPU: AMD athlon X2 3000+
    -RAM : 3.5 GB, three one gigabyte sticks and one 512mb.
    -GPU: Radeon 3870 saphhire 1gb.
    -PSU: CiT 500W

    I wont bother posting the rest for now, since it doesnt boot with just the CPU and heatsink ontop of a cardboard box.

    Thanks again.
  3. It won't boot with just the CPU. You need at least the CPU and RAM.

    I would also guess that the motherboard is dead. The only way to be absolutely sure is to swap it (or everything else) with another build, which might not be possible in your case.
  4. Okay, thanks.

    Is there any way yo make sure that it's not the CPU or something else? Just so I don't buy the wrong thing...
  5. Other than switching it into another motherboard? I'm not sure. PM shortstuff_mt with the link to the thread. He's likely the best troubleshooter that's around regularly...

    I highly doubt that the CPU is dead though. It's much more likely to be something else...
  6. Try a different monitor on your pc, it might sound stupid but after an gfx card upgrade my monitor wouldnt show anything, i changed the vga cable with another one (they was slightly different, one had a extra 2 pins, but i believe this is just different versions of vga) and it worked fine. Although it doesn't look like this is your problem.

    Have you recently changed any hardware before this problem occurred?
  7. No, I've tried a different computer with the monitor and it worked fine. I've also tried a few different cables.

    I know this isnt just a display issue because there aren't any beeps.

    I made no hardware changes before this happened, it happened completely randomly.
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