Hello,I have a crosshair 590 motherboard with an amd 6000+ cpu and a xfx geforce 9800 gtx+ xxx video card. I keep having shutdown problems with games, do I have the wrong video card installed?
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  1. You might want to list out all the components (include model numbers).

    Is this a brand new build, or has it been functioning properly for a while? Do you get any error messages for the shutdowns?

    There a few suspects for random shutdowns: CPU overheating, bad PSUs and bad/improperly set RAM.

    First, download Prime95 and RealTemp (links in Step 10 of the "Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC" sticky). Run them together for over an hour. Come back with the temperatures you get.

    Next, download MemTest86+ from Burn the ISO file to a CD. Then look up the manufacturer's specs on the exact sticks of RAM. Next, restart the computer and enter BIOS. Make sure the RAM's voltages, timings and speeds are set to the specifications. Then set the computer to boot from the CD. Restart and let the machine run overnight. Come back with any results.
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