2 Rooms - 1 PC - $200 ... Suggestions Welcome!

Just about to put together an Intel i7/Windows 7 powerhouse that I received some nice help here on.

But there is a usage issue I'm still working on. In general, this PC is going to be used in the living room for work and media. But my wife would probably like to enjoy most of the video on it in the bedroom.

I've hit close to my computer budget on the new system, with nearly $200 left over to solve this last little hitch. I would say the ideal solution for me would be if you could have a second keyboard/mouse/monitor setup in another room, which as I understand it is kind of a fantasy. But the closest thing I could do, within my budget? I welcome any ideas.

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More about rooms suggestions welcome
  1. I would get an XBox 360 (Arcade version for $200) and stream the content from the PC.
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