Issue with me WD Caviar when i try and boot it as a slave

I have a SSD hard drive as a primary drive, im using the Asus P5Q-EM Mobo and i connect my WD6400AAKS HD the computer keeps on start and freezing at the bios screen and it repeats the cycle over and over again, can never get it to boot.

Almost sounds like the spinner in the hard drive went bad,

any idea how to fix this so it wont happen?
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  1. If you feel that the new WD drive has a problem, it would be worth it to try it out in a new or different rig. That way, you could be sure it's the drives fault and if that is the case, then a wiser thing to do would be to either get it exchanged if it's in the warranty period or then get a new one.
    Plus, testing it out in another rig would give you a lot of other options too.
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