5770 a good choice?

I'm looking for a new GPU because I'm running on the poor G210. My spec is:

Asus M3N78-EM
Phenom 945 3Ghz
2GB Corsair DDR2 XMS2
550w OCZ fatal1ty
Nvidia G210

I have around £100, I want to play games like GTA 4, Crysis and Assassins Creed 2 when it gets released. I'm very interested in the 5770, does anyone have any experience with it or can recommend any other card in my price range? Many thanks
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  1. Its a decent card and should be cheaper when the 5830 comes out :D
  2. I personally have 2x 5770. They are very good cards and one will do you just fine, it is better than any other card in the price-range. Plus it has direct x 11. I think you will be extremely happy with the performance you get out of the card.

    Might I suggest this one in particular:


    It has a double lifetime warranty!
  3. 5770 is great overclock using slider is a one step proceedure
    slide to the right
    adjust fan enjoy
    I get 15000 3dmark06 with an overclocked e5300
  4. I had really bad luck with the 5770 (mine was the newer model from Sapphire with the egg-shaped cooler). After two bad cards in a row, I got a refund and switched to a GTX 260.

    The first 5770 worked fine for about a month then the screen went black in the middle of a game. After rebooting, the computer would not post and the BIOS screen had corrupted graphics. After several attempts, I got it to post but only got intermittent video (text mode seemed to work, but not graphics).

    I RMAed that one and the replacement posted and showed video OK but the video driver crashed every time Windows 7 enabled or disabled Aero. For example, any time a UAC prompt appeared, or if I changed my theme manually.

    The GTX 260 I replaced it with has been completely stable since I installed it two weeks ago.

    Tom's reported a while back that a lot of people are having similar problems to the ones I had with my second card:


    ATI has acknowledged problems with drivers for 5xxx series (crashes, grey screens, lines). They released a hotfix for the 58xx series, but as of right now, these problems are not fixed for 57xx.

    Personally, I wonder if ATI is having some quality control problems with the 5000 hardware that they don't want to admit. They may be hoping they can stabilize the bad cards by tweaking voltages or timings in the drivers.

    Just my 2 cents. I know a lot of other people's cards have been fine, and maybe I just had bad luck. I was very happy with my 5770 until it broke. For price, performance, and features, the 5000 series currently can't be beat. That made it a hard decision to go with the GTX 260 but in the end the stability and reliability of the card was more important to me than anything else.
  5. I guess the main question here is what resolution are you running at? if lower than 1680x... then you should be ok with the 5770. I will tell you this much as far crysis. I really wish they would stop using it as a benchmark tool. Don't get me wrong, crysis by far is the damn sexiest looking game out there, but it's kinda like having a fast exotic car without an engine. Crysis just doesn't run well or shall I say it isnt optimized to run well, on pretty much any system. I can see crossfired 5970s eating it up, but being realistic, not everyone has that kinda cash. I have run crysis on a 8800gts 512 and now 2hd5770's. The 5770s were an improvement, but nothing that i was wishing for. I know your question was geared towards a single 5770, but I am just trying to give you an idea. I had a 19inch monitor running 1440x900, and crysis maxed out was getting around 50fps. just switched to a 24 incher 1920x1080 and crysis maxed out is sadly 20-35 fps depending on the map and whats going on(ie shooting, explosions). Crysis is pretty, but if you want to actually play it with your hd5770, dumb down the graphics a little, get to playing and you wont even notice the graphics after a while. I hope the info above comes as some sort of help to you. Thanks Murph
  6. A single HD5770 is a good card for 1920x1080 and at resolutions below that it is great.
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