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hi guys i just assembled my new computer build and i looked into the bios to check my temperatures. my cpu (i5 750) is hitting 36 degrees Celsius idle. i am using arctic silver 5 and a cooler master hyper 212 heatsink and fan. is this a normal temperature or is it too high? also before i put too much thermal paste and i cleaned it and reapplied but now i think i put too little. im afraid the alcohol will seep into the cpu and damage it if i reapply once again. thanks.
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  1. 36c is fine, as the heatsink settles this should reduce a little.
  2. Besides bios, tell us temperature that monitor by real-temp because most people using that to consider how thing goes :/

    My i5-750 stock setting & fan, jumping around 30~35.
  3. so you guys dont think that the high temps have to do with my reapplying of the thermal paste?
  4. those are pretty good temps, mine is overclocked to 3.6 using master hyper 212 plus, idle at 36-38 and 65-67 on full load, if yours is the same then your temps are fine.

    try running prime95, idle temps are not to worry about its the full load temps that you have to care about, post the results here and let us know.
  5. But your i5 is overclocked while mine is at stock (2.6) not to mention your idle temp is the same as mine. anyways ill post my results when i put my parts in the case (benchtesting at the moment). thanks for the replies.
  6. What are your ambient temps? Do you live in a particularly warm area? What case do you have and how is the general airflow through your case?

    It depends on your ambient temps but they do seem a little too high for a brand new system at stock settings with an aftermarket cooler. You won't do any damage removing and re-applying thermal paste. Try not to put on too much - you only need the thinnest possible layer. Also make sure that the cooler is properly mounted with good even pressure over the CPU. Its usually best to work in opposites when securing the cooler as opposed to the 'normal' way of going round the screws in turn. Good luck!
  7. im from canada so i live in a particularly cool area. anyways now that i adjusted my proper default ram settings to 1600mhz (1333 showed in bios) my temps shoot up to 40 idle. i looked at core temp and it stays at 40 - 46 idle and when defragmentating or playing games it goes to 50, 55 max ive seen. is this normal or way too high??
  8. also how do you use prime95. it looks as if it is only for advanced users. thanks
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