Random crashing during idle/low activity

I'm sitting here on Chrome with a CD playing and for the second time in half an hour I get a grey and white striped crash screen with the accompanying audio buzzing. No clue what could be causing it. I have a really low overclock on my 6950, but it's not doing anything right now. Any leads??

i5 2500k
6950 2gb

Windows 7
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  1. Is the CPU overclocked? If so go back to factory clock speeds.

    Does this crash lock the PC? (forced to restart the system)

    What media player are you using to listen to the CD? Perhaps try a different program.

    Is the CD dirty or damaged?

    Are all of our drivers up to date?
  2. CPU isn't overclocked, the CD was brand new, I was using Windows Media player which I've never had problems with before and the graphics card drivers were up to date. Are there some other drivers I should check?

    And yeah, it required a restart.
  3. Updated all the drivers, still happening.
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