Windows was unable to complete the format

My USB Drive 1GB but is shows only 61 MB space .
when i format usb on window 7 then it connot format the drive .
It display a message as"Windows was unable to complete the format"
please help me to resolve the problem.

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  1. I had the same problem with my USB stick drive recently. It wouldn't re-format completely in Windows, however I tried the same on Linux since I have that installed on my laptop on it worked fine. You could try using DOS to format your drive first just be careful which drive you format ;) Alternatively a Linux Live CD or a Virtual Machine may help if you don't have any joy in DOS.
  2. The newer USB flash drives have U3 installed. Read more about it here:

    To uninstall U3, see here:

    I just don't like manufacturers making assumptions regarding my needs. If I want U3, I will request (or pay) for U3.
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