Motherboard chirping and beeping

i have a gateway id49co7u laptop which i brought just about a month ago.. couple days ago, i heard a really low amplitude beep and chirping coming from the motherboard. the computer works fine though but i need to know what it is that's causing this problem. is the motherboard damaged. please help and i didn't recognize any pattern from the beep.
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  1. Well i doubt a bird made a nest inside your laptop :lol: jk

    No actually, does your laptop make the same noise in the same pattern everytime?
    Have you checked your laptop's manual? If it's a certain pattern - how is does it go?

    ie. 2 short beeps - 1 long beep
  2. ^ that's also an option. And might a better one too.

    If it was me - the laptop would have been disassembled by now - "what's a warranty??" :lol:
  3. +^ :p
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