RMA replacement for GTX 295 advice!

Hi Guys! I need some advise regarding my GTX 295. I bought a pc from an online custom pc company dec 09. The GFX card which is a Gigabyte GTX 295 developed artifacts after a month. I sent it back to where I bought the pc from and then RMA'd to gigabyte. Gigabyte said since they stopped manufacturing GTX 295 they will upgrade the card with the upcoming GF100 (dont know which one). Then today I received a phone call from the company I bought it from and told me gigabyte sent a gfx card which is an ATI 5870. I refused to accept it as I feel like its not an upgrade of GTX 295 performance wise. I've demanded to get at least a GTX 480 (willing to wait) at least or a 5970. Have I made a right decision? Will they grant my demand (they said they will upgrade)? Thanks!
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  1. I think your right to ask for those replacements
  2. well a 5870 is roughly the same performance as a GTX295, more a side-step though rather than an upgrade, maybe they could give you 2 x 5850's as an upgrade (if you have a crossfire capable motherboard)

    I'd be very surprised if you got a GTX480 as its rumored to be $699 and a new GTX295 costs roughly $520
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