Motherboard reading wrong temps?

I purchased the larkooler isky 300 water cooling kit yesterday and when i was done setting it up i powered on my pc to see my temps it was at a 60c idle and i thought that cant be right so i restarted and the temps were the same. i had about 3 fans plugged into the 4 pin connecter i was using for the cooler because all the others had messed up pins so i fixed the pins on another connecter for the pump thinking that it was drawing to much power from one connection and when i powered it on it was running at 13c idle keep in mind this is a cheap cooling kit like 120$ cheap so that couldnt be right i checked other programs besides coretemp and all read the same. Is my sensor fried?

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  1. Pardon?
  2. Googled and looks like an old, old Thermaltake Bigwater kit...which were very poor kits.

    Your post is very confusing- can you explain how you have this setup in a bit more detail and and exactly how each item is plugged in or connected?

    13C is very cold, so unless your PC is outside or next to an open window in the winter time, that isn't correct. Watercooling has a limit of only being able to keep the water at ambient room temperature (for simplicity sake, let's leave this as-is for now), which isn't the same as the thermal reading on a CPU using CoreTemp or any other software or BIOS.

    Please clarify more information here as the first post and setup is somewhat confusing to read.
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