Suggestions on a new motherboard

My motherboard has recently started making a loud beep noise during usage, sometimes in games, sometimes when just at the desktop, there could be minutes inbetween them, or hours. ive run benchmark tests with 3dmark vantage because that would cause a increase in heat from the cpu and gpu, however, it only beeped once during it all, which was before a benchmark test had even started (loading screen)

As i cant figure out what is causing this, im going to just replace the mobo (as it needs updating anyway as its old)

However, im not willing to change any other components apart from ram.

Sys specs

Motherboard -
Q6600 @ 2.4ghz
3Gb pc6400 ram
9500gt 1gb edition - will be upgrading this to a ATI 5770 in a month or two
500gb maxtor 7200rpm (primary drive)
1TB samsung F2 5400rpm (storage drive)
500watt psu.
CD/RW IDE (if the mobo doesnt have a ide port i dont care much, ill just buy a SATA one when i get a bit of spare cash)
Windows 7 ultimate 32bit.

I use onboard sound, so i would prefer it if it isn't a mobo that's known for a really bad sound output.

Thanks for any suggestions (£££ only please, ebuyer etc.) And if you have any clue about the beeping noise thing that would be great too.

(btw i have checked cpu temps, the max they got to under benchmarking was 56 on core 0 and core 1, 49 and 50 on 2 and 3) Forgot to check the gpu temps under load, but it was at 59 idle. So my initial thoughts about the beeping been a warning about overheating seems wrong. btw i have checked inside the tower and i cant see anything wrong at all, it wasnt long ago since i last got rid of the dust build-up)

I will also be replacing the psu when i get the chance, as it may be due to that too, as i kinda shorted my tower the other week (bought some Cold cathode lights with an inverter and switch, i put the switch through the back on the tower, the switch had rubber things around the metal contacts, however these slipped off and touched the case, which caused the pc to turn off(also a pretty blue flash), i think this has happened twice, but that was at least 2 week ago) However the Beeping has only been happening yesterday and today
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