Upgrade 275 GTX or wait?

should i upgrade my 275GTX(800mb) to a Radeon HD 5870 (1GB)? or should i wait for the next sets of cards to come our from nivida.

(note : use would be for very heavy gaming)
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  1. I would wait for the New Nvidia GPU's to come out on march 26th. If they are good and you can afford them, great, if not, then get a 5870 at that time, which may drop in price a bit around that release.
  2. thanks man :). also if i switch gpu from nivida to radeon should i re-format? or do drivers these days clean themselfs up when uninstall?
  3. You don't HAVE to format. I normally do, but it isn't necessary. It is, however, a good idea to use driversweeper in safe mode to make sure it is completely removed, though sometimes its not an issue at all.
  4. cheers :)
  5. need more fps -.- lol
  6. Playing @ 1920x1080 here with an old 8800 GTS 640 and everything runs fine. Your GTX275 is fine and you could squeeze a little more power out of it by overclocking it. Though you should read carefully about overclocking as you also ruin your gfx card.
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