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I have just 2 sets of 3 sticks Corsair memory. 12gb in total. This is for my triple channel GA-X58A-UD3r motherboard. Each pack is rated 1.65v 9-9-9 24 1600mghz. Since this is the rating for one pack, should I change these values now that I have two?
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  1. Didn't get your question clearly. You have one pack with 9-9-9-24.. right? So what's the timing on the second pack?
  2. Ah apologies for the lack of clarity. Both packs are identical. Each pack contains 3 2gb sticks of ddr3 sdram.
  3. Identical RAM? Don't change anything. THe only reason you might need to change any settings would be if you found your system worked fine with one set of DIMM's but not two.
  4. just make sure they all read the same in bios. goodluck
  5. yeah that pretty much sums it up jsc. One set works without issue, 2 sets system unstable. ie occasional BSOD, usb ports just become inactive after 20 mins or so.
  6. Memtest86+ your ram modules one at a time.
    Bought a 4GB kit of dual channel DDR3 and added an identical kit later.
    Had issues.
    One stick in the new kit was faulty.
  7. Ran memtes86 and the tests passed... weird! In fact I had run memtest a week or so ago and because it came back with 'Passed' results consistently I though perhaps the motherboard was at fault.

    Ran the Windows7 Memory diagnostics and the new ram failed and failed and failed. In fact the bad memory locked the pc up twice during the Windows 7 diagnostic and failed to even complete. The third time it came up with Bad memory error almost immediately, but then went on to complete the test finally giving the faulty mem result below.

    Log Name: System Source: Microsoft-Windows-MemoryDiagnostics-Results Date: 03/11/2010 08:04:44 Event ID: 1202 Task Category: None Level: Error Keywords: User: SYSTEM Computer: Description: The Windows Memory Diagnostic tested the computer's memory and detected hardware errors. To identify and repair these problems, contact the computer manufacturer Event Xml: 1202 0 2 0 0 0x8000000000000000 14133 System Fail

    Anyway RMA'd so just waiting on the return now.
    Hopefully that will be the end to my woes. Just running on 3 sticks again and system is fine.
    Thanks again guys
  8. Anyway to try different ram in your board to make sure it's not the board having the problems?
  9. ahumphers91 said:
    Anyway to try different ram in your board to make sure it's not the board having the problems?

    Yes good idea. I will also check all the slots to make sure there is no evil afoot when my back is turned. So far I have only run checks in the white ones, but whill check the blue slots too.
  10. Yeah, it's always a good idea before rma'n your ram to check your board just in case, but since you already did it's still a good idead to make sure the board is good and ALWAYS check ALL memory slots.
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