What temps should I be expecting?

Just built new computer and im wondering what sort of temperatures I should be expecting of an Phenom II 1100T at default clocks with a Noctua NH D14, I'm currently getting idle 26oc.
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  1. You will never idle under room temperature with air or normal water cooling as you can't get the cooling material below the ambient temperature. If you're setup correctly, that processor should stay quite cool. I wouldn't imagine seeing it in the 60C range at stock.
  2. You should be in the 34- 40 range with computer working hard , idle should be a few degrees over ambient . My 1100t runs @ 25-28c idle and 42-44 working all cores hard at stock clocks(room temp 20c) , yours should do better as i have a cheap deepcool mc 3002 gx . Overclocked @3.9 ghz it idles 32-36 and tops out 48-53 c
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