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I just built a new system using an SSD for the first time. I didn't specify how Win 7 should format the drive, I just let it pick and install. My install got interrupted, and seems a little buggy so I'm just going to reformat it tonight and install again. But I had a couple questions.

Should I just load from the Win 7 install disc, delete both the partitions it made (main and the little one for boot) and do a quick format.

Is whatever the install chooses for format method okay, or am I supposed to be specifying something special since it's an SSD?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. no , there's no difference between installing on an HDD or SSD , do as u always did .
    ( just update ur SSD FW before installation )
  2. Thanks. I already updated the firmware before the first install. Deleting the partitions and formating won't cause me to have to reinstall the firmware will it?

    Also on a side note, it's an Agility 3. Where can I easily check the firmware to make sure which it flashed to?
  3. latest FW for Agility 3 is 2.15
    u can check on OCZ website

    and no , formatting or deleting partitions wont affect the FW
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