hi there, i've recently been offered a great price ($400) for a 40 inch samsung LED tv. i've been toying with buying it and using it exclusively as a monitor for my pc. i know it has hdmi inputs. but i'm not entirely sure i can hook it up to my PC. and even if i could, whether or not it would be a good choice. anybody have any suggestions/opinions?
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  1. Don't you think that a 40 inch screen for a desktop PC is way overkill? That's like sitting in the first roll of seats in an Imax theater... Holy headache Batman!

    Now for consoles in your living room, that's a whole different story... But I'd never invest in LED, Plasmas are so much better, there is no contest.
  2. That is indeed a good deal. I can think of many reasons why you shouldn't get a TV over a real monitor but at $400 I can't think of any negatives. Go for it dude.

    Be warned, with large displays you might have to sit further away. But you are still using it as a monitor and not TV so you are going to read fine text off it. I have a 30" monitor @ 2560x1600 and I keep it close, anymore bigger it would start getting ridiculous. You probably won't care since it is for gaming. Still, $400 you should buy it regardless.
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    @ MARSOC_Operator, Plasma's tend to burn-in. Ontopic: You can just connect it through HDMI (if your graphics card has it) or you can get a DVI->HDMI cable to connect to your tv, that is, ofcourse if your graphics hard has DVI out. In my opinion you're having the best TV deal I've ever seen. I'd go for it.
  4. Don't u think 40" is too big??
    But for $400 i think that's a good deal... :)
  5. wa1 said:
    Don't u think 40" is too big??
    But for $400 i think that's a good deal... :)

    Actually no, it is not too big. I had a 22" monitor, now I went for 27". In 2 days I got used to it. My next purchase will be a LED Tv 40" or bigger. And I sit 2 feet away from it.
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