Un'over'un'clocks. 550ti.

How do I 'un' do what has been done.
Well, not sure if what has been done or what I've thought to be done is actually been done to it so I decided here would be the best place to ask for advice on the matter at hand.

My GPU is a right twat if you ask me, does its little crash and recovery crap which I so hate for the past few months, maybe even year. It's called a Nvidia 550ti.

Okay so the question is, about overclocking since it's in that section obviously, I want to know if these settings are right, I don't want to be overclocked as I fear this is what is causing a few of my issues, also heat in the case may be another reason.

But I just want my graphics card to be normal, non-clocked, just as if it was factory bought but non over-clocked factory style.

Those are my current settings, are they find or how should I go about changing them, like what values would be good as to not throttle or 'bottle' the card.
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  1. Well the stock settings are as follows....

    900mhz GPU
    1800mhz Shader
    2050mhz memory clock

    Either way, you are overclocked and if you have a reference board, that cooler isn't going to keep up with it easily. I'd also recommend making sure you're not running higher voltage, but if you're not stable at all at 970, I imagine you are. My pair of GTX550Ti's are running at 1.150v and run perfect at 1000mhz without issues. However my cards aren't running reference coolers, they are topped with the ASuS Direct CU coolers which perform great.

    Either way, you should simply be able to go into the nVidia control panel and set the settings to factory with a simple checkbox.
  2. I've looked all over and cannot for the life of me find the 'factory' settings part on nvidia control panel to underlock my GPU, I've never tried to overclock so it may of came factory overclocked.
  3. Here's a picture of it, it's in the device settings.

  4. It seems it did indeed come overclocked from the box, been around 1 1/2 years so didn't remember all too much, would I just go custom and change to the settings you had said to do?

    This is what it looks like.

    And these are my specs.

    The PSU to my knowledge is a 550W
  5. I would definitely drop the clock using the factory specs which I listed. 970Mhz on 1.100v isn't going to be stable on many of the GTX550Ti cards which you're probably running at. I'm not sure what company made the card, but a stock 70Mhz overclock on a 550Ti is a little much. Mine were factory at 910Mhz but I knew the cooler was good and always have had good luck with GPU's from ASuS.

    Just use the custom settings, slap the settings down a bit and you should be good. I'd also suggest if you haven't already, use some compressed air and blow that card out a bit. If it's being unstable with heavy use, then you're probably having a heat issue.
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