Slave hard drive is not detected by bios and windows and making click sound

my slave hard drive is not detected and making clicking sound
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  1. If it's clicking that's not a good sign, I would say it is most likely dead. If it is a slave make sure your jumpers are set correctly. Even if it does come up, immediately copy off all of your data. Clicking drives usually are either dead or about to die...
  2. Clicking drive is a early sign of a physical failure of the hard drive. I would suggest check all the connectors properly and if you are able to see the drive in BIOS then you can try to run a recovery using any of the free recovery tools. if it still stays non detected then you would need to look for a data recovery service provider with a lot of expensive tools as well as highly trained engineers and most importantly: a special environment. All of these requirements are mandatory to successfully recover data.
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