Xbox 360 controller to pc(charge and play)

my friend has a charge and play xbox 360 controller, and he wants to know .. can you hook it up and play games with it on the computer?
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  1. Nope, doesn't work even though it looks like it would. Windows didn't recognize it when I tried. They have wired controllers though, which work great.
  2. unfortunately the "charge and play" only charges on a pc. don't know why, the ps3 can charge and actually play on pc. microsoft does make a reasonably priced wireless adapter to use your wireless controller for pc. it's cheaper than buying a new wired controller and works pretty well.
  3. Something from microsoft is cheaper than $12? Thats how much a wired controller costs at LameStop.

    Sophtie, do you have a link to PS3 drivers for the controller? I've been waiting and gave up that they would make them. Does win7 do it automatically? Haven't tried.
  4. Just ran across this thread. It's pretty old, but you can get ps3 drivers from:

    They work well and the software can emulate a 360 controller for "Games for Windows".
  5. I think I tried those motionjoy drivers back in the day, I'll give them another shot and see if the author has managed to get it to work in wired mode vs bluetooth. Thanks alexand3r1.
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