Intel 520 with USB?

I want to get a new SSD for my notebook and it has no E-SATA or Firewire. I'm planning on buying an Intel 530 series, then using the disk migration software Intel has to copy the OS to the new SSD. Is it possible to use an SSD with USB 2.0 (temporarily) and will I need an adapter?
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  1. Yes its possible, the samsung drives even come with the connections for that.

    That was a good deal on one, but looks oos now. You should be able to get an idea of the process through from looking at the video.
  2. For Intel 520 drives, the one I'm getting, do they include adapters? If not, where can I find them?
  3. It does not appear the intel drives ship with the sata to usb adapters. There are lots and lots of options for this, from amazon, newegg, etc.

    Here is an example.
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