Cm storm stryker radiator space

So I want to water cool my pc
Here are my parts I want to cool
2 x gtx 670
Intel i7 3930k (I plan to over clock this)
I want to put in a 120.3 rad for the 2 670s and another 120.2 for the cpu
First of all would this fit in my case without nodding?
Second, would this be the most effective use of my rads, or would it be better to have sperate rads inbetween my 2 670s or some other configuration.

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  1. I did some more research and think the best solution would be a 240 rad in the top and bottom and a 360 vertical rad in the hard drive compartment. This will give me 840 rad in total. Is this a bit over kill or will just the 240 on the top and bottom do the trick?
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  3. Can anyone help?
  4. I have looked through those, and it doesn't answer my question. It's not a matter of how radiators i need, but if the amount I asked about (240 on top, 240 on bottom and 360 on hard drive bay side ways) would fit in my case without any modding.
  5. It sounds like you haven't if you are asking about using 2x 240's and a 360 or just the 2x 240's alone.

    What makes you think you need a 240+240+360?
  6. since I don't really mind about the money portion, why not?
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