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All of the boards are based on the LGA1155 socket, supporting the 32nm Sandy Bridge CPU’s, and feature Gigabytes Ultra Durable 3 with copper PCB, 2200MHz DDR3, two USB 3.0 ports, dual PCI-e x16 slots with CrossfireX support (no word on SLI), and four SATA III 6Gbp (3 with mATX).

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    Intel will launch its first family of Sandy Bridge processors starting next year, but only mid-range models and not until Sandy Bridge E and the Intel X68 chipset we will see the new architecture in the enthusiast and high-end segment.

    Intel X68 is a part of Intel's new Patsburg platform where the LGA 2011 socket will be used to hold Sandy Bridge E processors, which in turn houses a quad-channel DDR3 memory controller but no graphics. The processors supports 40 PCIe 3.0 lanes and is geared toward enthusiasts and workstations with demands for maximal performance.


    I'm still waiting for the Intel X68 motherboards
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