Crucial m4 128gb slow performance

A p.c novice and in my eighties, I engaged an engineer to instal an m4 128gb into my system as the primary, holding W7 64 o/s only. The origonal 1Tb Hard disc used as the secondary. would hold everything else.
Since this upgrade the pc's performance is erratic and slower in some activities than previously. It also hangs whereas it never did before.
The engineer seems to have "disappeared" so I'm stuck with an upgraded p.c now having a degraded performance, rather than the marked improvement generally suggested.

i7 920 o/c 2.66 to 3.8Ghz
GA EX58-Ud5 MB
Corsair XM53 3 X 2 gb
Seagate 7200 1TB Sata 2
GTX 285 1024 mb
it may be a tall order but any basic advice would be much appreciated,
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  1. Did your engineer just transfer the Windows install, or install fresh on the SSD? You can get issues like this if you don't do a fresh Windows install, because the installer will optimize a number of settings for the SSD.
  2. First, M4s are known for their reliability not speed, however it should definitely not slow you down. I would troll the Crucial forums if I were you and contact their support if necessary. I'm assuming you've checked to see if you need a firmware upgrade. BTW, I installed an M4 x 256GB and it has run perfectly for several months now although I was disappointed with the speed also.
  3. Hello,

    How much space do you have left on your Crucial M4 128GB? I have a similar model (128GB 7mm slim version).

    As SSD's fill up near their max - say if you only have about 1-5 GB left it will slow down considerably.
  4. Is your controller in AHCI mode? Do you log off with the computer still running to allow the TRIM process to do it's thing? I have a 256GB m4 and I've been very happy with it, and I have no complaints about speed.
  5. It isn't entirely clear if your degradation in performance is even due to the SSD. Is it during disk activity specifically when you notice poor performance? How long is it taking to boot into windows for example?
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