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I have an e5400 and have been overclocking it since yesterday. Got some really nice results. On intel's website it says that maximum voltage should be 1.3625V at which I got a stable oc of 3.1725Ghz. I also tried using 1.45V at which I got to 3.78Ghz. temperatures of 3.17Ghz overclock go up to around 73 degrees but of 3.78Ghz go up to 85 degrees. Would overclocking 24/7 decrease the lifespan of my processor? If I get a cooler and eliminate the high temps will that mean that overclocking won't decrease the lifespan? Also, since intel recommends 1.36V as the maximum, does that mean that 1.45V is really really bad for the cpu or is it just a warning that actually is fine to go pass? Thanks for any help
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  1. Remember, two things degrade the CPU. Heat and voltage. So the hotter it is, the less time it will "live". The more voltage you pump into it speeds that process and even adds to the heat. So the higher the voltage the worse the degradation of lifespan.
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