Power Usage?

Well, I just came to the realization last night that I may have gotten a slightly too small PSU for my new system... Here's what I've got:

MSI 790FX-GD70
AMD Phenom II x4 965
MSI Radeon 5770
WD VelociRaptor 150GB
4 120/140mm Fans
4GB Corsair DDR3-1333 Desktop Memory

All that's running on an OCZ ModXStream 600w PSU. First of all, I'm assuming that this must be enough, since I'm typing this on the machine right now. What I was wondering, was whether or not this would support a second Radeon 5770, 4gb more RAM, and a second VelociRaptor? Am I going to need a 700w or larger?

I really should've checked this before I built my system... :whistle:
Any input would be appreciated.
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  1. Erm, as far as i am aware, the 5770 is pretty low for power consumption. However, with your current specs i would say 450-500watt would do it pretty easily. with the extra 4gb ram, 2nd VR, and a 2nd 5770, you might be pushing it. you might be better getting a higher psu anyway, 700-800watt would be enough easily. and at least you know you have a good working back-up psu in case you need to trouble shoot later on.
  2. Yeah, I've heard the same thing about the 5770... Actually, by the time I need a second VR, I might just end up getting a couple SSDs... not sure how much power they use, either, though... power usage certainly isn't my specialty.
    Any ideas how much power an average SSD uses? Maybe the Intel X25?
  3. actually SSD's have lower power consumption, SSDs are often used in laptops as they have low power consumption and generate less heat. i dont have much knowledge of power either, but i do have some pretty good guesses of what should use what.

    You can always do a quick google search for specific SSD's. although i wouldn't worry much about HDD and SSD power consumptions, its mostly cpu's and gpu's that drain the most power.


    That shows how a 5400rpm drive compares to two SSD's drives. much lower.
  4. I can't really see your system consuming more than 280w of power under peak conditions.
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