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I was looking at purchasing two nvidia quadro nvs420's for trading. Does anyone have any other recommendations or should i just stick with these. I want to have 8 monitors so i can put charts on each of them during the day. I dont know if i need SLI or crossfire capability. Any input would be appreciated.
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  1. dmavro said:
    I was looking at purchasing two nvidia quadro nvs420's for trading. Does anyone have any other recommendations or should i just stick with these. I want to have 8 monitors so i can put charts on each of them during the day. I dont know if i need SLI or crossfire capability. Any input would be appreciated.

    Any board out there that has two pci-e 16x slots would do the trick. So any SLI or crossfire board will be enough. However you need to make sure when you get the two cards that all the ports work properly since some of complained of one of the ports not working. Each cards basically have 2 gpus driving 2 monitors each. XP can use up to 10 monitors or so I have read.
  2. What exactly do you want these cards to do? Because unless your using software that has is optimized for the nvidia quadro you're not going to see much benefit from using this "workstation" cards. Also, I doubt you will actually need an SLI board unless you need to use both of the GPUs together to do one task. If they will each be doing independent actions then you don't need SLI.
  3. I run 2 apps for trading. Each app lets u create separate desktops. So each monitor would have its own own tool bars and its own charts on it. So i guess everything is independent. I just thought those cards were the easiest way to get support for 8 monitors. If there is another way to accomplish this then id love some suggestions. Especially if its a cheaper alternative.
  4. Yeah, the new ATI cards (5xxx) have what they call eyefinity. It lets you run lots of monitors from one card. I believe technically up to 8, but I think these cards are harder to find. So, check out the 5xxx series and I think you should be able to find a card that will drive 4 monitors pretty easily.
  5. The eyefinity cards look like they are for one huge display spanned over all of the screens. I need capabilty to have 8 independent displays. Not sure if im correct or not. Any other ideas?
  6. Indeed the 5000 series can support up to 3 monitors but you do not want to enable eyefinity, just use the displays in extended mode.

    Any other graphics card (gaming card) ATIs Radeon HD series or Nvidias GeForce series will be able to support up to 2 displays each.

    What you want is one of Matrox's cards, the M or P or G series. These cards are made for multi screen 2D setups (like stock trading). These cards can support anywhere from 2 to 4 to 6 or 8 monitors at once.
  7. The Eyefinity cards can do both, you can expand into those screens, add them into one, or have each as a separate (same thing as expanding).
    The Eyefinity6 edition allows for 6 displays, however you would need DisplayPort displays, and 2 of them.

    You could use a very cheap card:
    5670 - 3 digital displays -
    5450 - 2 digital, 1 VGA -
  8. Only the M9188 can do that, and it is alone $1,740.
    Using 5450's is much cheaper.
  9. Ya the Matrox cards are to expensive, the M9140 supports 4 outputs and is $500 so that is way to expensive compared to getting three 5450s or 5570s for $50/$80 a pop.
  10. Are the NVS 420's the wrong card or something? What would be the equivalent of the nvidia quadro nvs420 in a ATI card? I wanted to go with dual quad cards. I found the NVS's for around $400 and i thought that was pretty good. . Can the fans on these cards be noisy?. Its my first build and its going to be in my office so im trying to keep sound at a minimum.I checked out the Matrox's and would rather stick with Nvidia or ATI.
  11. Well the Quadro cards where ment for 3D rendering which is why they cost an arm and a leg, your best bet are those 5450s. ATIs equivalent would be the FireMV series, which support up to 4 displays. Looks like you want the 2400 or 2450 FireMV.
  12. The absolute equivilant to the Quadro is the FirePro cards.
    Do not get the FirePro Multi-View series, they are outdated & only support 1920x1200 for DVI.
  13. Thanx alot for all the input.
  14. Ive finally decided on what mobo and cpu im purchasing. What would be the best way to accomplish having 8 displays with the Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 Mobo. It has 2 x PCI x16 at x16, 2 x PCI x16 at x8, 2 x PCI x1 and 1 PCI slot . I also have a Fire MV2250 256mb x1 still in its box that i never used previously. So if i could work that into the correct configuration that would be great but it isnt necessary. I also might have changed my mind about SLI or crossfire. I might be interested in it eventually for a few games. So if at all possible, i would like 2 different scenarios addressed.... the best 8 display scenario for my trading with extended desktops(each display being independent)
    i guess a 4 display scenario for gaming with sli or crossfire.

    Unless i could buy 2 cards that have quad display capabilities and use both when im trading and only use one when im gaming with sli or crossfire.

    My focus really should be on the 8 monitor configuration though.

    ??Also, would i be better off using all pcie x16 slots running at x8 with 4 dual display cards or would i be better off with 2 quad display cards running at x16 in 2 slots???

    Im running windows 7 pro 64bit for trading with a core i7-930 cpu.
    My 4 ASUS monitors have vga, dvi and hdmi connections and my 4 Dells just have vga and dvi.

    Looked at these over the weekend....

    SAPPHIRE 100270SR Radeon HD 4850 X2 2GB 512-bit (256-bit x 2) GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support-

    JATON VIDEO-PX309-QUAD Radeon HD 3450 512MB 64-bit DDR2 PCI Express 2.0 x16 Video Card-

    ATI 100-505531 FireMV 2450 Video Card - 512MB GDDR3, PCI-Express 2.0, VHDCI, Quad DVI Support, Quad VGA Support, Low-Profile, Workstation-

    Quadro NVS 420 512MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Low Profile Workstation-

    I dont know why but, I have a hard time telling which cards are capable of using 4 displays when im researching at some sites so im not sure if there are better choices.
  15. I would avoid using your PCI slots as you have 4 of them allready.

    The fact that the 3rd and 4th pcie slots run at x8 is not a problem, they will be if your main monitors are bigger than 1920x1080 and you like to use max AA and AF for games. Your 2d apps will be unaffected.

    Two 4850s (if you can find them) will give you your 8 monitor outputs (with crossfire disabled) and also be a killer gaming setup. Cons would be that you need a 1000w PSU with 2 6pin and 2 8pin power connectors (very expensive).

    Frankly your cheapest solution would be to get 3 5770s or 4 (if you can find some single slot versions) if you don't want to hassle with getting the proper active adapters for the 3rd DP monitor on each card.

    Edit" getting 3 more FireMV 2550s would be cheaper than the 3 5770s but you would be sacrificing the ability to play games.
  16. Is this the one you are talking about....
    SAPPHIRE 100270SR Radeon HD 4850 X2 2GB -

    Also, im having a hard time finding those single slot 5770's. Just wanna make sure i understand something , with the 5770's it wouldnt be all dvi connections and they only have support for 3 monitors
  17. One other thing. Are those cards noisy? Ive heard the fans on some cards can be quite loud at times.
  18. 4870, ive owned this and found it to be slightly quieter than the stock 5870.

    5770, Id expect similar quietness as with the 4870.

    4850x2, similar to the 4870 and 5770 coolers but has two fans to thats going to be loud while playing games. (for best results position them so that they have at least one slot of empty space between them, your current gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 would have them sitting right on top of each other like the ASUS P6T Deluxe v2)

    5870, thinking about it the 5870 would output more heat than a 4870 so that would mean a louder fan, so maybe it just evens out. (5770s have this type of fan as well)

    To sum up the fan noise business, its really more personal opinion than anything. I think i would rate myself as not really caring how loud the fan gets.

    If your decision is the two 4850x2s look for a different motherboard witch has an extra slot between both PCIE slots, that will go along way towards cooling the cards and keeping the fan noise to a minimum.

    About those single slot 5770s... I dont think they make them, or at least a quick search of newegg dose not show any. I was thinking that they would try and make one sooner or later, but I guess not. Anyway there is an important thing about shoving 3 5770s into your current motherboard and case, its likely not going to work, an incompatibility in short. One of those 3 things needs to be changed/upgraded.

    Here is the incompatibility, your GA-X58A-UD5 motherboard has 7 expansion slots, if you where to put 3 5770s into it you would end up with needing 8 expansion slots on the case as the bottom PCIE slot on the mobo would need an extra slot below it because the 5770 needs two for its dual slot cooler.
  19. Do the video cards have to be installed in the first 2 pci-e x16 slots or can i use any of them? Im wondering how my layout will be effected depending on what cards i get.
  20. For the GA-X58A-UD5 motherboard, according to the manual the 1st (closest to the CPU) and 3rd are the x16 PCIE lanes. If the 2nd and 4th lanes are populated they will take x8 from the lane above them.

    If you go with the two 4850x2s then both will run at full x16, no problems.
    If you get 3 5770s then the 1st will run at x16 and the one in the 3rd and 4th PCIE slots will each have x8 which is not that much of an issue, the 5770 wont be bottlenecked by the x8 slot unless you are playing a game over 1920x1080.
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