5850 toxic vs 5870

HIS 5870 for 379 or Sapphire 5850 toxic for 349? What do you say guys?
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  1. 5870

    wish I could get one that cheap in the UK !

    Cheapest I have found anywhere in the UK is for $411 and none in stock...
    and the next cheapest is $439 But... "Usually ships withing 1 - 3 months" WTF LMAO
    both from
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    Yeah, out of those definitely the HD5870. But why would spend $350 on an HD5850 though when you can get one for $50 less?
    A $300 HD5850 and OCing would be my advice.

    That should give you a clear picture.


    EDIT: Take a very good look at the OC part. Interesting results.
  4. i can't tell you how the countless times i've read that article ^^. The toxic runs impressively cool. I sure wonder what the best oc u can gett out of the card. Regardless the 5870 for 379 has won over.
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  6. The OC in that article isn't that great for an HD5850. The cooler is nice but definitely not $50 worth of nice imo.
  7. I have ask my self the same question, and I think if your not into OCing then the Toxic is great you just stick it in. But if your into OCing then from what I have gathered you can only up it like 10ghz. Its not like an asus or something where they have a tool for doing it. Yeah running cool is cool, but I would get the 5870 even the cheapest one, and OC your self and do your own cooling, which is what I am into I like being able to adjust myself and setup myself even with the cooling.
    Your not going to be saving that much money even in a CFX2,3,4. You could get 2 5870's that would romp just as good as 3x 5850.
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