Not detecting my external disk but hearing sound. Urgent for recovery


I have some trouble. I put my laptop hard drive Seagate ST950042 0AS 500 gb (it stopped working) into external enclouser and plug into my other laptop throughr USB. I see disk under Devices and Printers as USB to S-ATA now but everything is empty. I can hear disk working but not light is on indicator of external enclouser.

I installed Hard Disk Sentinel and the disk is shown but no action on the disk.

Can someone please help me to solve this problem as I have on this disk from another laptop quite important data and would like to recover it?

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  1. Was it the hard disk or the laptop that stopped working? If the data is important, then you could send the hard disk to a data recovery service. You can also try various recovery tools, but if they don't work, then they could make the hard disk even more difficult to recover. Don't you have a backup of your important data?
  2. Yes it stopped working in old laptop. I send it also torecovery service and they said it would cost around 2000 euros so I am looking for other solutions.

    And I don't have backup :(
  3. 2000 euros is a lot of money. Can't you find another less expensive and well rated recovery service? I presume that you'll perform backups in the future?
  4. I connected directly to computer and I can see the disk under device manager but I can't see it as a letter D: or something else.

    I also try one program to run that is searching for lost partition but it was running so slow that I could wait probably ten days that it would scan all 500 GB.
  5. under Disk management I can't see it, just under device manager/disk drives. And the disk spinning around.

    What should I do to see it also ander disk management or under my computer
  6. In bios I can see two disks as 0 an 1. This not working one (1) has beside ST950042 written 0 MB. PC disk has writen 150000 MB.
  7. thanks for help. I have to find someone now to help me as cheaper as it can
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