Can the AMD FX-8350 stock heatsink overclock much?

Hello everyone. My question to the community today is: Can the AMD FX-8350 be overclocked with the stock heatsink? I have recently upgraded from the FX-4100 which wasn't a bad CPU to be fair. I added a new thermal compound to the FX-8350 (arctic silver 5) and when the CPU is running at turbo it stays at a stable 30-40 degrees when idle and playing games. What I want to know is, how many ghz do you think I could get out of the stock cooler? I know how to overclock slightly, I'm not too confident so I need to do some more research. I believe you up the HT which then gets multiplied by the multiplier which in my case is 21x.
Can anyone help me out on this?

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  1. Well overclocking is much more advanced then simply clicking buttons.

    As for your case, I'll tell you as most would say, it's not recommended to overclock any processor that's sitting under a stock heatsink. However, I broke the rules with my 2600k when I bought it and went straight to 4.0Ghz without issue which led to an instant 600mhz speed increase. But as for your chip, I'm not sure. I wouldn't recommend it unless you knew exactly what you were doing. You need to learn everything including how to monitor the temperatures correctly. If you're idling at 30-40 and at load at 30-40; then you're not monitoring correctly; trust me. :) I idle at 29-32C and at full load I'm at 50-60C depending. So you're going to have a good variance on temperatures that spread more than simply 10C if you're actually working that processor.
  2. 8320 stock cooler master cpu cooler. oc @ 4.2ghz hwinfo says idle cpu core 18 core 34. running intel burn test on very high. cpu core max 62 cpu 75. Will be ordering noctua d14 soon. Am happy with stock cooler, just loud at max load (6000 rpm).
  3. I've clocked my FX-8350 to 4.3 GHz at 1.3875v with no problems whatsoever. Had it clocked to 4.4 GHz before but that is a little much.
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