What 5770

just built my first system but im using an oldish GPU (HD3850)

first question is should i even upgrade yet? or should i wait a few months until it comes down in price?
and the second question is what brand of the 5770 should i get (XFX, Saphire) etc?

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  1. Are you happy with your current gaming performance? The 3850 isn't exactly terrible and should run most games reasonably yet.

    The 5770 is a nice card, well priced. If you buy one, I recommend HIS as I have one and I was very impressed with the bundle and cooler.
  2. XFX is the best brand. They have a double lifetime warranty, the card comes with a free game (Battleforge), and the card runs great.
  3. ok thanks, im not unhappy with my car atm and i dnt really need a new one but i want it lol :)
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