4.5ghz 2500k temps reassurance

while stress testing in prime 95 i get to 59c on the hottest core,while gaming i get to around 50c(bf3) and between 25-30c at idle,are these temps acceptable for everyday use? vcore is on auto between 1.25v and 1.3v and a 46x multiplier
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  1. Yes, those temps are great.
  2. yeah your fine no need to worry about unless your temps in an Intell system hit 85
  3. Very nice for 4.6Ghz bro! You have a good cooler rolling obviously! Those volts are nice as well! I run at 4.4Ghz on my 2600k and never break 65C even with IntelBurnTest. So as long as it's golden and stable, you're good to go!
  4. thequn said:
    yeah your fine no need to worry about unless your temps in an Intell system hit 85

    That is the strangest CPU-Z validation I have ever seen. How in the world do you manage 4.49GHZ and 800 MHZ ddr 3 Lol :D lower BCLK??
  5. +1 Rob, your temps are fine. If you have any further doubts you can also consult the Intel website. It will show the TJMAX (highest temps intel suggests before damaging the chip) and TJCASE (highest temps intel recommends for longevity).

    Temps are safe for long term use in my opinion, thought I never recommend you use Auto voltage settings for overclocking.

    Reason being, is your chip can be stable with much less voltage than its asking for many times.
    VID = What your chip is asking for
    VCORE = What you are sending to it

    If all the sudden your VID spikes high - your motherboard very may may deliver. That may be improbably, but its a thought.

    With the cooler you have I would think you are beyond safe where you are at, as aforementioned.
  6. while the multiplier is at 46 im calling it 4.5ghz because im at 4590mhz,what should i set my vcore to than?someone recommended 1.35 but im not sure and am worried about degrading the life of my chip.What would happen if i was to leave it at auto? I have been running fine for 2 days now.also on a side note,Anyone looking to buy an h100i order 2 sp120 fans with it.The stock fans make a horrid motor whine even after a firmware update from corsair that claims to fix this problem,the real sp120s are quieter and deliver about 5c under the ones that come with the h100i just as long as you use the 7v adapter that comes with them.Also Steddora i was wondering the same thing i seen a post on someone else's thread and was curious but didn't say anything.
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