pc start up speed

who can i increase my pc start up speed.
my pc take around 60 sec. to start up. is this ok.

I have intel core 2 duo prosse., 2gb ram, 500gb hdd. asus p5kpl am/ps motherboard.

help me out please........
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  1. Do some basic pc housekeeping things like:
    Virus/spyware cleaning,
    defragging/disk clean-up,
    get rid of old useless files on your hdd and registry clean-up,
    if all else fails, re-install windows
    More ram wouldn't go amiss either though,
  2. Use an SSD as the boot drive....
  3. 60 sec to start up... are we talking 60 sec from pressing power button to being able to open a file in Windows? If so, 60 seconds is actually on par. However, if you've been noticing that your system takes longer to load Windows, try disabling some apps from starting with Windows.
  4. My PC takes 53 seconds from power-on to full Windows operation.

    I have Asus P7P55D, Intel i7-860 quad-core CPU, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, OCZ 120 GB SSD and Win 7 x64. I do not have any garbage on my system.

    The 15-seconds time lapse out of 53 seconds is due to BIOS hardware enumeration. Then a short beep follows. BIOS post screen appears. Then 'Starting Windows' is seen.

    Therefore, 60 sec is not long for your system with conventional HDD, in my opinion. I do not know if your BIOS also takes long and holds off from booting straight into Windows, like mine.
  5. "Best Answer" to JD13. Using a SSD as the boot drive will make a phenomenal difference.
  6. I've never actually timed the start up on my system but, it takes longer to post after hitting the power button then the actual boot sequence.
    I just wish I could have gotten a bigger SSD, mines only 120 GB.....
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