External or Internal HDD?

I want to get a second HDD for my PC. Since the flood in Thailand a while back, the price for internal HDDs have gone up, becoming more expensive than external HDDs of the same spec. So my current plan is to buy an external HDD then dissassemble the case and connect it through SATA instead of USB. But is there really any difference between an internal and an external HDD in terms of performance and longevity if i do it my way? If I'm not clear in any way, state it so I can explain more. Thank you in advance.
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  1. Google the external drive you are looking at buying, and you can probably determine the drive that is inside it. Hard drives are hard drives basically, as long as you know which drive you are getting it would preform the same as if you bought that drive without the external casing. Usually you void the warranty on an external drive when you remove it from its casing so keep that in mind, and generally external drives warranty are shorter to begin with.
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