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The time has come to replace my wife's video card. She is currently running an 8600GS from back in the day. The real difficulty is her Dell case will only support a single slot video card. There is room for most large heatsinks long as they don't vent out the back. This is for a computer that is primarily used in gaming.

The best I have found is one from HIS. This is a 5770 which is plenty of performance increase. I am just rather wary of purchasing from HIS for support reasons. Anyone have other suggestions?
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  1. 5770 is pretty much your best bet unless you want to go with an 4850 or a gts250 board. Alternatively you could change the cooling on a normal dualslot board, but that's not going to be cheaper than replacing the chassis. If the problem is only the bracket space at the back though, you could get something like this card and just slize the bracket in half.
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