First time OCer and WCer.. Suggestions?

Hey all, as the title says this will be my first attempt at OCing and WCing. I am going to be listing the items I plan on using for this setup and just wanted to see what suggestions you might could give me on the two subjects.

CPU : i5-3570k
Mobo: Asrock z77 Extreme 4
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaw Sniper series 4x8 32gb 1866
GPUs: 2-3 EVGA 660ti FTW 3gb
PSU: Not yet decided but atm I have a Rosewill HIVE 750 (will most likely be upgrading to a 1000w of some sort (maybe Seasonic? Have heard alot of good things about them..)
CPU Block : Swiftech Apogee HD
GPU blocks: XSPC 680 blocks
Rad: Magicool Extreme Triple and most likely a second Dual rad not sure yet.
Pump: Swiftech MC655 Variable speed
Res: Phobya Balancer 250
Tubing : Tygon R-3400

As for fittings, I am still between compression and barb fitting but leaning towards compression atm. And as for the case, I will have a somewhat different setup as for now. I have two cases that I will be using and sit them side by side. The front case will hold my mobo and probably the dual rad, while the back case will be holding the PSU / HDDs and SSDs along with the res and pump. I have been debating on adding a second pump to this build, running two tubes from the res into each pump separately, making a dual loop in the case. One loop going to the CPU and adding some blocks for the mobo routing it through the blocks, into a Rad and back into the Res. The second loop going from the second pump, into the GPUs and into a water block on the RAM. I wast sure about this due to alot of recommendations against WCing the RAM / Mobo so it was kind of on the back burner and wanted to see what some people thought about it. If i decide against this option, I will just do a normal loop from res - pump - CPU - dual rad - GPU - triple rad - back to res. I plan on trying to push my CPU to 4.6 or so and as for GPUs / RAM I am not really sure yet.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Also, I plan to upgrade my case as well later on. It will most likely be a CaseLabs of some variation.
  2. Cooljag 120mm Fans as well. Sorry I forgot that in there lol.
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